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Connecting eFORMz to your Amazon marketplace seller account

eFORMz and Ship/FX can connect to your Amazon seller account using the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) API.

There are a few requirements for connecting eFORMz and Ship/FX to the MWS API:

Once these pieces of information have been added to your Ship/FX account, eFORMz and Ship/FX can connect to your seller account. With eFORMz connected to your seller account, you can pull or push data to and from your seller account, such as orders, shipping information, and many more things.

It also enables the automatic purchasing and printing of Amazon Buy Shipping labels.

The Amazon MWS API is very powerful and has many capabilities. The Amazon WMS API documentation is at

To use eFORMz to connect to your Amazon seller account, an install package is required. For more information, contact Minisoft Sales at or 800 682 0200.

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