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Manhattan Active Platform


Ship/FX integrates with Manhattan Active Warehouse Management (WM) via web services. This allows for rate shopping, label generation, shipment manifestation and shipment cancellation. When shipments are waved, they are rate-shopped if needed. The rate that meets the determined criteria is then sent back to Manhattan Active. When the shipment is processed, a label request is sent to Ship/FX. It is then generated and returned to Manhattan Active to be printed. For more on the Ship/FX API, consult the following:

Ship/FX API Management (Developer Resources)


eFORMz has a standardized integration with Manhattan Active. Manhattan Active integrates with eFORMz via web services. This allows access to our dropship library to easily generate packing slips, BOLs and any other required shipping documents. For more on the eFORMz API, consult the following:

eFORMz API Management (Developer Resources) [Web Services]

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