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Ecometry Integration

*Ecometry/JDA Direct Commerce/Blue Yonder

Ecometry (HP3000)

NetPrint (a Minisoft product) required on the HP3000 to send spoolfiles from the HP3000 to a Windows box running eFORMz. The Port Monitor is required on the Windows side in order to receive files from the HP3000.

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Ecometry Open Systems (Windows)

By default Ecometry outputs to the \SPOOLOUT directory. Data file types include:

P101XXXXXX.JXXXXX      Collate

INVOICXXXXX.JXXX         Invoice
PRXXXX_JXXXX                 Letter Head

PURCHXXX_JXXXX           Purchase Order (Output for Print)

POPRINT_xx_xx.JXX        Purchase Order (Output for Fax)

EMXXXX                               Purchase Order (Output for Email) *These files may not be outputted to the spoolout directory but another location.

STMNTXXX.JXXX              Statement

GFTXXX_XX.JXXX              Gift Certificate

RFNDCK10_XXX.JXXX     Refund Check

The .J at the end of every spoolfile is the Job # from Ecometry. Ecometry users do not like this extension removed. Always set Director Toolkit to append .hld to the end of a file. Depending on the client they may have multiple division. Division can be determined in one of multiple ways. The division can be defined by the data file name (for example, P101: Div 01, P105: Div 05), source data file line, or database lookup.

Spoolfiles/data files are encoded PCL. The eFORMz FontSpecs.xml has a direct effect on the Ecometry spoolfiles as eFORMz does the interpreting of the PCL codes contained in the Ecometry data file. You must always set your eFORMz project with the following settings:

Lines Per Page: 0    (form feed)

Lines Per Inch: 6.6

Characters Per Inch: 16.67

Relevant Posts

Capturing a Print File / Spoolfile
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Sample data files/spoolfile to start a project

It’s best to send a Minisoft support representative sample files that have the following:

  • (Batch Print) Multiple orders within one spoolfile/data file
  • Single order data file
  • Spoolfile containing a multi-page order

Correspondence “Letters” from Order Processing

Ecometry has one of two options when producing Email correspondence: SMTP or KickMail. SMTP is the preferred method.

SMTP when defined in Ecometry will send output to an email server. When eFORMz is involved, the Ecometry application must point to the box where eFORMz is installed and eFORMz must be setup with SMTP monitoring to receive the files from Ecometry. eFORMz will then determine what should be done with the files.

KickMail will produce a file in an actual directory with no distinct file naming convention. You would need to have eFORMz process each file and implement a file rename structure so the file can be easily defined.

Correspondence Letters include: Ship Confirmation, Order Confirmation, Back Order, Credit Card Decline and more. These files are plain text file which through eFORMz are converted into an XML like format (Text to XML) for project development for HTML. For more on emailing with Ecometry, please view the following: Emailing Purchase Orders-Invoices from Ecometry (JDA/Red Prairie) with eFORMz

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