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Web Service POST call to “Wake Up” a “Sleeping” Queue: Part 2

Web Service Call Options:

In the previous post, the Director was configured and an explanation for what a sleeping queue is was given. In this post, the options that a web service call has will be explored. Version 10 of eFORMz has the ability to call a web service to post data to a queue. To process a web service call, eFORMz will need a URL. A sample URL could be:


Below are all the options available for a web request call URL.

base URL https://localhost:8000/servlet/com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer
Parameter to AppServer ?APP=com.minisoft.eformz.eFORMzApp
Decide how to process
Service Type &director
Service Type &output
&config=configuration file  name
Parameters for DirectorService
Service Type &director
which host &Host=localhost
Authentication for director &User=minisoft
Toolkit file *
Must be started with -ac parameter
Queue name in toolkit file &QueueName=Accessible
File name for POSTed data &NameTemplate=data_.xml
Wake a sleeping queue &ProcessData=true
Parameters for OutputService
Service Type &output
Project Name &project
Project Key &projectkey
Output Format &format
Pages &pages
Start Page &startpage
End Page &endpage
Other parameters *
Data File Name &datafile
Service Type can be
Director director
Output output
&project m_ProjectName String
&projectkey m_ProjectKey String
&format m_OutputFormat String
&datafile m_DataFileName String
&pages m_OutputPages PageRangeSelection
&startpage m_StartPage Int (1)
&endpage m_EndPage Int (999999)
&ProcessData Boolean
&Sync Boolean
PageRangeSelection can be all( “All pages” ),
current( “Current pages” ),
rangeFromStart( “Page Range (from start)” ),
rangeFromEnd(“Page Range (from end)” ),
obsolete0( “Page Range (from end )” )

There are many options that the URL can have. Here are some of the following:

If &ProcessData=true is added, the web service will wake up the queue monitor (if it is sleeping) to process anything in the queue immediately. Any data sent as content will be put in a file in the named queue. The Director has to be running the named configuration and it has to be accessible to web services.

Any content type can be used except text/plain. Specifying the content type isn’t necessary. If you use text/plain it tries to parse it for parameters and if you use text/xml it tries to parse it for a Service Configuration xml file.

NOTE: A posted file text/xml that is not a ServiceConfiguration will be handled as a posted data file. A posted file text/xml that is a ServiceConfiguration will skip the URL parameters.

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