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iSeries Data Queue

As of eFORMz version 11.02, iSeries Data Queues (DTAQ) may now be accessed with eFORMz.

NOTE: For using Data Queues in the Director, view the following post: Using Data Queues in eFORMz


Users can define a new Queue and access either a local or remote DTAQ. Local access would be from a copy of eFORMz running on an iSeries host. Remote access can be from any server type running eFORMz (Windows, Linux, iSeries, etc.)

NOTE: It’s important to use the correct CCSID. It must be changed to match your data coding. For reference, IBM code page 37 is an EBCDIC code page with the full Latin-1 character set used in IBM mainframes. It is used in some English and Portuguese speaking countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States. CCSID 1140 is the Euro currency update of code page/CCSID 37.


A project can now write to a Local or Remote DTAQ.

Using Match String

Match String is a regular expression (RegEx) ‘match’ of the first – up to 2,000 – characters. If the RegEx matches, the message is used.

The configurable parameters will include:

Queue name
host, user, pwd

(If left blank, it uses the current job and local host)

The returned equivalent to the iSeries_USERDATA, etc. queue monitor variables include (with examples):

DTAQ_Description:"My Sample DTAQ"
DTAQ_MLen: 16384
DTAQ_SenderInformation: "QZHQSSRV  QUSER     029582U0002204  "

Passing Data

You can used fixed locations or tags to identify the data you are passing. For example:



Printer: printername
Copies: 123
Format: dropship



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