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Ship/FX Integration

Ship/FX runs on the eFORMz engine and so it benefits from the same integration capabilities as the eFORMz software platform. For more on eFORMz integration approaches: How Does eFORMz Integrate? | eFORMz Integration

Ship/FX maintains a number of integrations with WMS/OMS/ERP/CRM and shipping software solutions. Additional approaches and frameworks employed within these environments are also commonly supported. For example, Ship/FX integrates with all versions of Manhattan, including Manhattan’s External Parcel Integration framework (EPI). This is an integration framework supported by Ship/FX with Manhattan WMOS and Active WM systems. EPI was specifically developed to reduce integration time and costs of implementing third party multicarrier shipping solutions.

Ship/FX Installation Guide

Follow the step by step installation instructions for Ship/FX:
Ship/FX Installation Guide


Instructions for FedEx, UPS and Pitney Bowes (USPS). View the following PDF for combined instructions: Ship/FX Onboarding: FedEx, UPS, USPS

API SSL Configuration

For information on trusting URLs in SSLConfigure and SandBox/Production URLs, consult the following page: API SSL Configuration for Ship/FX

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