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Integrating eFORMz with SX.e

Integrating eFORMz with Infor SX.e is very straightforward.

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Best Practices

eFORMz supports several methods for integration, including relational database queries, web service calls, virtual printer and monitoring a directory. For more information, view the following resource: How Does eFORMz Integrate? In the case of Infor SX.e, the typical integration approach is monitoring a directory.

Directory Monitoring

Likewise, configure eFORMz to monitor local and remote computer directories to capture data. This data can include spooled print files, plain text files from legacy systems, or images. eFORMz extracts data from the captured files, formats them, places them on your form or label, and finally sends the form or label to the printer.


The SX.e system posts the order acknowledgment to a directory. eFORMz picks up the order acknowledgement outputted by the SX.e system and uses Text to XML to retrieve the data needed to generate a shipping label or a packing slip.

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