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Pull packing slips in ZPL format from ShipStation

ShipStation will allow the user to use ZPL-formatted labels and packing slips: “If you’d like to use ZPL formatted labels and you use a Zebra printer, contact ShipStation support. We will configure your ShipStation account to accept ZPL labels.”Zebra Printers PDF and ZPL Label Formats

Generally, for retrieving packing slips as ZPL from ShipStation, you can use the following procedure:

  1. Configure the ShipStation account to accept ZPL.
  2. Add a field in ShipStation that can be used to look up the order in the ERP/WMS.
  3. Update a record in the ERP/WMS with the defined field from the ShipStation packing slip.
  4. Set up eFORMz as a virtual printer to pull the ZPL from ShipStation.

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