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iSeries Director Job

FAQ: When the Director job is running we are seeing 3 jobs running:


Can you please explain what each of these jobs are and what they are doing?

Answer: There are three objects started in a single Director Job on the iSeries (AS/400).

A) “DIRECTOR” is the job stream. It is created as part of the SBMJOB command. It starts the “QZSHSH” program for IFS access. The “DIRECTOR” is in a wait state (TIMW) pending the completion of the QSHELL.

B) “QZSHSH” is used to create a Java Runtime Environment for eFORMz to run. It has two commands. The first sets the current IFS working directory to “/minisoft”. It then starts the Java application and waits (EVTW) for it to complete.

C) “QP0ZSPWT” (the name given to this version of Java by IBM) is the actual Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in which eFORMz runs.

Using the WRKACTJOB command displays these three parts of the same job on three lines.

Switching views (F11) will show that the two waiting objects each have a single thread. The Java object will have a number of threads in use related to how it is configured and how busy it is.

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