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Troubleshooting: eFORMz Printing Speed Performance (slow print speed)

If print performance isn’t optimal, confirm that eFORMz isn’t operating slowly. To do this, pause one of the print output queues on the eFORMz server and print some spool files to it. Record the time it takes for the files to go from the server to the output queue to the printer. Once the output hits the output queue, eFORMz no longer has any involvement in the transfer/printing of the document.

If that speed is quick, then the only fixes for this are going to be related to network performance and settings on your printer. Minisoft support representatives aren’t network administrators or printer technicians. That said, one suggestion is logging into the eFORMz server and running a ping command on the printers causing issues to see if there is any network latency slowing things down. In some cases, the network connection to the printer itself is causing the issues.

As always, reach out to Minisoft Support with any specific inquiries.

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