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Troubleshooting: eFORMz Print to Tray

1) Are you configuring the tray selection from within the project or the Director Toolkit?

2) On the physical printer, you must have the trays defined uniquely. Meaning, Tray 1 and 2 can’t both be set to “plain paper” as the printer will always logically pick from Tray 1 if paper is contained in this tray. It would only jump to tray 2 if paper was not contained in tray 1. If both trays are defined uniquely, then the correct tray will be selected.

3) Do you know the PCL code for tray 2 (this is not the physical tray number but the internal pcl code)? If so, you can set the tray selection as noted in the instructions here: Paper Tray Selection

4) If you do not know the PCL Code you could see if one of the defaults as outlined in the above link works for the printer in question.

5) If the printer does not seem to be responding to any of the above then the next option would be to send pjl commands with the output from eFORMz. To use the correct pjl commands, follow these instructions to send us the pjl codes the printer is creating: Using PJL for Custom Finishing

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