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SAP Integration

SAP offers a number of on-premise and cloud-ready software solutions, ranging from ERP to warehouse management. These various solutions, in most cases, generate output in Extensible Markup Language (.XML) format.

An overview of how eFORMz interacts with SAP HANA

.abap Script

Minisoft eFORMz is officially an SAP-approved application. eFORMz has four main integration options to retrieve output from third-party applications. With SAP, posting the XML data from the system using a web service call is the most frequently used method. eFORMz integrates with SAP via the SAP Online Service System (OSS) through a .abap (Advanced Business Application Programming) script. Below is the eFORMz-relevant portion of that script:

* Minisoft eFORMz

* Wrap XML in ServiceConfiguration
 CONCATENATE '<ServiceConfiguration ' 'ServiceType="director" ' 'Host="localhost" ' 'Port="" ' 'User="" ' 'Password="" ' 'ConfigurationName="WSInput.cfg" ' 'QueueName="Input" ' 'ProcessData="true" ' 'Sync="true" ' 'UseParmsAsData="false">'

SURL = 'http://eformz_server:8001/servlet/com.minisoft.AppServer.AppServer?'.
 'APP=' 'com.minisoft.eformz.eFORMzApp'

* Minisoft eFORMz

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