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3PLs, ecommerce logistics and dropship requirements

En españolWith increased ecommerce orders, many companies are outsourcing their logistics activities. Distribution, storage, transport and fulfillment services are outsourced to third-party logistics (3PL) providers. According to DC Velocity, 3PLs are building...

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Ship/FX and electronic export information (EEI)

En españolElectronic export information, known as EEI, is information about a shipment that must be filed through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). There are a number of requirements, but generally it must be filed for goods shipped from the U.S. to a...

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Let’s talk about the white space (of the label)

En españolRetailers want one platform to manage all customer communications, creating a consistent customer experience across channels and devices. It’s all about convenience and consistency: optimizing customer engagement across devices and channels, shipping from...

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Dropship output options

En españolTo be a successful drop shipper, it’s important to generate outbound shipping documents, such as packing lists, that match your retail partner’s specifications. eFORMz not only generates complex business documents, but Minisoft maintains a library of packing...

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DuplexPackSlip: What about excess line items?

En españoleFORMz can conditionally handle any situations where a packing list has more line items than can fit on a standard DuplexPackSlip label. For example, eFORMz can print a second DuplexPackSlip label during the fulfillment of the order. This second label would...

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Omnichannel shipping: Ship-from-store

En españolAccording to a report in PARCEL magazine, 72% of shoppers would shop more and spend more if same-day delivery was available, but 77% of warehouses said that delivering products on the same day is their biggest challenge. In today's multichannel retail...

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DuplexPackSlip: The best of both sides of the label

En españolWhat is DuplexPackSlip? DuplexPackSlip labels are unique two-sided multi-use labels that incorporate the shipping label on the front and the packing list, return information or promotional offers on the back of a single label. Process Benefits Ship smarter....

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BOPIS: Physical stores as hubs for fulfillment

En españolEm portuguêsWhat is BOPIS? BOPIS is an acronym that stands for buy online, pick up in-store. Essentially, shoppers make a purchase online and then pick up the order at the store. Process There are various flavors of this order fulfilment method, including...

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