Ship/FX Installation Guide

Ship/FX Installation Requirements

Section 1.1 RequiredeFORMz Product Installation
Section 1.2 RequiredShip/FX Install An Extension and Upgrade
Section 1.3 RequiredProvider Sandbox and Production Accounts
Section 1.4 RequiredWeb Service API Links through eFORMz SSLConfigure
Section 1.5 RequiredEnable Ship/FX API Sandbox or Production Configurations
Section 1.6HTTP Web Server [For Ship/FX Admin use]

Ship/FX Configuration

Section 2.1 RequiredConfigure Ship/FX User Profiles (DB or XML)
User Profiles XML
User Profiles DB
Note: HTTP web server  [For ShipFX Admin use for User DB Profile]
Section 2.2 RequiredConfigure Shipment Repository
Note, if you select DB repository, then switch into full Ship/FX PackStation.
Section 2.3eSHIP ShipperTester.efz

Ship/FX Server

Section 3.1 RequiredService Manager configuration
Section 3.2 RequiredShip/FX User Settings
Section 3.3 RequiredShip/FX Repository Database
Section 3.4 RequiredGlassfish Install
Section 3.5 OptionalShip/FX Connect
Section 4.1 RequiredAuthenticationCfg.xml and Credentials.xml
Section 4.2Ship/FX PackStation and Admin Links
API Developer ResourcesShip/FX API Management (Developer Resources)
OnboardingAPI SSL Configuration for Ship/FX
Ship/FX: FedEx Onboarding
Ship/FX: UPS Onboarding
Ship/FX: Pitney Bowes Onboarding

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