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Predictive Support

Predictive Support

When our application predictive support is enabled, the application itself will post events and exceptions to our corporate support services. This allows us to know of configuration and resource issues before it is apparent to most end-users. We will work with your IT security to verify the possible data is allowed to be transmitted or assign an alternate host within your network to monitor these events.

Anywhere eFORMz Runs

Predictive Support can be used on-premise, in your cloud or in the Minisoft eFORMz SAAS cloud.

What is Watched

Three aspects of eFORMz are monitored. At the individual project level, ‘Alerts‘ can be used to handle most events. At the eFORMz service level, Exceptions are reported to an independent web service for handling and escalation as required. The third component is enabling hot-active backups of eFORMz to monitor each other and take control in the event a data center becomes unavailable.

Scope for after-hours calls

We will determine the reason for the call and make best effort to handle all calls. We have found the majority of the calls would best be defined as out-of-scope and include requests such as adding printers and how to handle offline devices. We ask that professional services such as these be handled though standard contracted channels.

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