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Pacejet Integration

Pacejet is an enterprise multi-carrier shipping software solution. eFORMz integrates with the Pacejet Print Connector to capture carrier labels and merge them with packing lists. eFORMz also captures CSV files generated by Pacejet.

Best Practices

Of the four main integration options for eFORMz, either virtual printing or directory monitoring is employed for capturing labels from Pacejet, depending on the type of label being generated.

Virtual Printing

“Add eFORMz as a new printer in your software application. Your application prints to the eFORMz virtual printer, which captures the print stream as a file. eFORMz combines and formats the file, possibly with data from additional sources for output to a thermal or laser printer.”

Directory Monitoring

Configure eFORMz to monitor local and remote computer directories to capture data. This data can include spooled print files, plain text files from legacy systems, or images. eFORMz extracts data from the captured files, formats them, places them on your form or label, and finally sends the form or label to the printer.

The Pacejet Print Connector can run as a service and automatically send carrier labels to eFORMz, functioning as a virtual printer. For GS1-128 labels, eFORMz monitors a directory where Pacejet sends CSV files. eFORMz scrapes the order number, or some other unique identifier, and through a web service call matches the label with the corresponding packing list generated by Acumatica, Netsuite or any other WMS, ERP or OMS. For more on the eFORMz API, consult the following post: eFORMz API Management (Developer Resources).

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