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Integrating eFORMz with Blue Yonder (JDA/RedPrairie) WMS

eFORMz can use multiple data formats that Blue Yonder (JDA/RedPrairie) WMS creates:

  • Spool files, PDF, CSV, and other file formats that are held in a directory that eFORMz monitors
  • XML from web service calls
  • SQL statements to the relational database

Your current process is an important consideration in how you integrate eFORMz. For example, if your current process includes creating PDF files, eFORMz can pick up the PDF files and extract the data they contain, which minimizes your changes to existing business processes and speeds development time and accuracy. Sometimes a combination of these methods works best.

For more information, contact us. For more details on eFORMz integration, consult the following post: How Does eFORMz Integrate? | eFORMz Integration

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