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Integrating BlueCherry® ERP with eFORMz

CGS’s BlueCherry® ERP is the most widely deployed, feature-rich solution that enables the leading fashion, apparel and footwear brands across the globe to synchronize and optimize supply chain and distribution activities.

You have options when integrating BlueCherry ERP with eFORMz:

  • Save a BlueCherry report of open invoices as a CSV file. You specify the frequency that eFORMz checks for a new report to process.
  • Configure a timed database query to select open invoices directly from the BlueCherry database. eFORMz can update the database to close the invoices or mark the labels as printed.
  • Send a web service call from BlueCherry to eFORMz.

For more information, contact us or check out our eFORMz for BlueCherry® minisite. For more details on eFORMz integration, consult the following post: How Does eFORMz Integrate? | eFORMz Integration

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